Healing with Nina

helping you re-discover yourself

An Akashic Reading offers insight on all aspects of life. Through this experience, you will develop a greater understanding of the Soul's purpose while receiving support and guidance to align more closely with its mission.

During an Akashic Meditation you will be guided into a relaxed state.  The intent is to release things that are no longer serving you and open you up to receive unconditional love.

This session will allow various aspects of the self to step forward and speak freely. The goal of this session is to provide insight and foster a greater awareness of these selves thereby liberating you from their control.

This group Dialogue session will focus on only a few aspects of the selves.  This will be an opportunity to explore individual issues while cultivating greater compassion and understanding of others.

About me

While I was on my own healing journey, I uncovered many powerful tools that helped me break free from limiting beliefs, release childhood trauma and become a more confident woman.  Being witness to my own transformation ignited a passion to spread this work and allow others to find freedom from the past. While I am committed to continually improving myself, my mission is to support YOU utilizing everything I have learned!

My reading with Nina helped me feel more at ease about what’s unfolding in my life and more confident in my direction. I’ve already referred her to several friends who are extremely happy with the clarity they received as well!



Healing with Nina

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