Zen Dialogue Session
$60 - 30 min, $100 - 1 hr


Zen Dialogue evolved from the Voice Dialogue Method founded by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.. Both Zen and Voice Dialogue offer a method to identify, call forward and hear from the many selves that make up each of us. 

Each of these selves has its own feelings, opinions and reactions. We categorize the selves in two ways, primary or disowned.  Primary selves are often shaped by our childhood and other impactful experiences.  Their voices are those we identify as “us”.  Disowned selves are those that are quieter, more repressed.

In this session you will identify the relationship between both primary and disowned selves and how they may affect your perspective, behavior, and limit your potential. It is not uncommon for a Session to reveal the causes of patterns or negative behavior. In certain cases you may identify selves that are asserting too much control over your life.  Awareness of this will allow you to more effectively harmonize the aspects of the self.

How it goes:

Begin by sharing the issue or problem you want to address in this session. The first aspect of the self we will hear from is the controlling ego/controller. You will move to a position in the room where the aspect can speak most freely. Once you have confirmed that you are in this voice, Nina will begin asking questions. Eventually, enough useful information will be revealed and it will be time to move onto another aspect.  Nina will guide you again, asking that you change your positioning. This process will continue until enough information has been revealed to bring closure to the issues or situation.

Keep in mind:

  • Every voice has a place and purpose, the aim is not to rid yourself of an aspect but create balance between the selves

  • The significance of moving positions is to ensure the previous voice is no longer speaking

  • When you are in a voice don’t overthink it

  • While in a voice refer to yourself in the 3rd person while the aspect will speak in 1st person

  • If you cannot find a voice Nina will help you through it

  • Nina typically begins with the controlling ego because this voice gives access to other aspects of the self

  • Nina encourages you to record the Session so you can refer back to it at a later point in time

  • All information discussed during a Session is confidential