Welcoming in 2021

We made it!

As we cautiously enter 2021 and avoid placing impossible expectations on this new year, it is important to know that things will be better. Every message from the MTLOs has indicated that the hardship and struggles of 2020 were not in vain. Those experiences have made room for us to grow, expand and step forward more authentically. January and February of this year may still feel uncertain but don't allow those uncertainties to become worries. The best thing we can all do is to focus our attention on the things we have learned and continue to apply those learnings. Shifting our focus from the things we wish for to the the wonderful things we have in our lives will prevent us from feeling stuck.

To offer a bit of guidance, I pulled an Oracle card for the year ahead.

It's time to come back to ourselves.

This card invites us to shift our focus back to ourselves and our journey. We are being called to revisit the things that lit us up creatively. It is a time to revisit old projects or begin creating new habits that offer an outlet for expression. As we begin to reconnect with our sense of inspiration, we must also examine the obligations and self-doubt that often hold us back. We are being tasked to utilize the tools we have acquired to release those limitations.

This card is also letting us know that we are discerning. We recognize our projections and those others place on us. And with this deep sense of knowing we have the ability to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs. In order to replace these old stories we must access our inner truth. This comes from stillness and a willingness to observe within the darkness.

The truth resides within you. Let only that voice guide you on your journey.

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