Virgo Full Moon Reflections

“Understanding and wisdom don’t come from thinking and reasoning, but from direct experience."

Thich Nhat Hanh

We are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary since COVID-19 became an influential figure in our lives. Over the last 350 days we have all experienced varying degrees of loss and disappointment because of this virus. And if we were lucky we also had moments of joy, happiness and great contentment.

At times I have felt guilty because my experience is very far from the hardships experienced by so many. My life kept moving and in a direction that felt like progress. But at some point over the last month my commitments began to feel more like obligations.

The sense of excitement I felt for many things in my life evaporated and I found myself doing things because "I had to" or "I should". Over the last two weeks, I have been unpacking this stagnancy carefully and with quite a bit of skepticism.

As a Virgo moon, I have the ability to think and think and think. It is an advantage at work because I am able to see things from many perspectives and arrive carefully at a decision. But when it comes to matters of the heart or self, thoughts are my worst enemy.

Being out of touch with my sense of purpose has ignited a part of me that wants to take swift action and uproot everything that does not feel good. Resisting this impulse has been challenging. Years of examining of my Virgoness has taught me that everything I am thinking is not necessarily real. And impulsiveness is usually driven by impatience rather than understanding of truth. So, instead of reacting, as I would in the past, I'm taking it slow and allowing myself to discover what I need to before responding.

The first two months of 2021 have already shown me the dangerous powers of my mind. Specifically, its ability to create stories based on the past. The only way I have found to loosen my mind's grip is to find a sense of appreciation for its desire to protect me. Connecting to higher truth has been deeply healing as well.

If you are like me and needing some higher self wisdom, check out the short ritual I have prepared below!

RITUAL - Allot 25-30 minutes to complete


Recite silently for 5 minutes

"Free of judgement, I allow my truth to step forward."


Plan to sit with this for at least 10 minutes

Bring into your minds eye the last time you felt deeply connected to yourself. Allow yourself to recall every detail of this experience. Some helpful questions to hold:

  • Where were you?

  • What were you wearing?

  • What were you doing?

  • What emotions were present?

  • How did you feel you were showing up in the world?

  • What were the signs that you were in alignment?

After 5 minutes with this experience, begin to shift your attention to a present challenge or obstacle. Bring with you the version of you that felt deeply connected within. You can ask them:

  • How am I meant to see this obstacle/challenge?

  • What am I meant to learn from this experience?

  • What do I need to give myself to feel more empowered?

Journal Exercises

Reflect on what came up for you:

  • As you revisited the experience of deep connection, what emotions came over you?

  • What felt different about that experience?

  • What did you learn about yourself?

  • What prevents you from maintaining that level of connectedness?

  • How does the obstacle or challenge feel now?

  • What tools within yourself have you found that will help you to overcome them?

  • What wisdom did you gain?

  • What truths have you discovered about yourself?

  • How can you more readily access this sense of connection?

Before you go about your day, give thanks to yourself and your body.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

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