Messages from my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones

December 21, 2020

"What you seek lies within you. The answers you are looking for lie within your heart. The key is being able to open that space and allow the energy to spread and pour out." - MTLOs


"It does not have to be such a big word. Transformation does not mean that one day we wake up evolved or enlightened. It means that our thoughts are changing. The way we see ourselves is changing. And the lens from which we see the world is changing too. It is through purification of mind, body and soul that we begin to see a glimmer of our higher selves. Your transformation is just becoming more YOU."


"You are not meant to be anywhere but where you are. See every moment as perfect. And know there is nothing that needs to change. Allow yourself the opportunity to witness each moment."


"Find contentment with the unfelt and unseen changes. Just like God, the powers of healing are often invisible. This is not a process that can be rushed or forced. You must allow. Acceptance is the way through and joy is the way forward."


  1. Write a list of things you want to let go of

  2. Take a salt water bath

  3. Soak your list in the dirty bath water to purify and release them

  4. Bow and pay homage to your team - ancestors, angels, guides, family and friends

  5. Hold this team in your heart and sit together with them for 10 minutes

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