Conversation with my MTLOs

Q: How are we meant to respond to the Spring Equinox and Aries energy around us?

MTLOs: Image of a rose blossoming

You have spent a great deal of time tending to yourselves. And there has been a lot of collective work around self worth. Now is the time to reveal your progress with pride.

Acknowledge that you have opened up. There is a sense of freedom and liberation around who you are. You no longer feel you need permission from others to exist and speak your truth.

Allow yourself to feel into this state of alignment. This state of openness may bring new experiences, opportunities and people into your life. You can then use your discerning eye to decide which are necessary for you.

This is a time where you are being invited to share more of yourself. We (and the rest of the world) need to hear your personal stories and experience your creative projects. No more holding back!

Q: What guidance can you give us around manifestation during this time?

MTLOs: The image of a sieve

You must first answer the questions:

What matters to you?

Why does it matter to you?

Who are you without your manifestation?

Who are you with your manifestation?

Use the above questions to distill down your desires to understand if they are motivated by the ego or the heart.

You have the ability to call in things at any given time. But often you put so much pressure on yourself and the outcome that it creates more stress than flow.

Over the last year many of you have experienced disappointments and setbacks, especially around the things you desired. These experiences were not meant to erode your self worth. They were meant to teach you that things do not always work on your timeline. And sometimes what we desire needs to evolve before we can receive it.

You are now in a different place and time. You have grown and you have new perspective. Take a step back and observe your desires without so much attachment and entanglement of self. Most of all, have some fun and trust that the sieve will catch whatever is meant for you.

Q: How will we know when it's time to take action?

MTLOs: You will feel yourself being nudged forward with ease. It will feel as if there is energy behind you.

It is important to remember that inspiration does not always mean it is time to initiate. You often need time for that inspiration to settle in and take hold. This is not to be confused with a plan.

Checking in, being still and meditating are ways you can observe yourself. Becoming aware of yourself, your body and your energy will facilitate the integration. And with time, you will notice a shift and recognize when it is time to begin!

Q: Any other words of wisdom or parting messages?

MTLOs: Image of rainbow

There is so much coming together for you and within the collective. There is a union taking place that has not yet been seen or realized.

When you feel stuck or frustrated, remember that your efforts are not for nothing. They are connecting to something you cannot see. They will be responded to. You are not forgotten or left behind. We see and remember each and every one of you. And we believe each of you is worthy.

Finally, love yourself. Because only when you can feel the depths of your love can others receive it. You have much power, remember that!

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