Group Dialogue Session


Similar to an individual Zen Dialogue Session, the Group Session will allow you to identify relationships between the selves and their impact on your life. The main difference is that this Session will be a shared experience utilizing J. Tamar Stone's Selves in a Box.

Why a Group Session?

  • Identify similarities across the group

  • Realization that you are not alone in your struggles

  • Support from others

  • Deeper connection

  • Perspective on how an aspect of the self can play a different role in each of our lives

How it goes:

Nina will draw a card from the Selves in a Box, providing a basic definition of that aspect.  Each participant will be asked to move to a position in the room where that aspect can speak most freely. Nina will confirm with all participants that they have tapped into this voice. Nina will then engage directly with one person asking questions, limiting the interaction to 5 minutes, depending on group size. Nina will then move to the next participant until all selves have been heard from. Time will be offered to reflect and take notes, sharing if desired.  A second card will then be drawn and the process will repeat until the session concludes.

Keep in mind:

  • This tends to be a longer session than the 1:1 around 90 minutes

  • In the group environment it is important not to interpret the experience of another, but listen and support

  • Every voice has a place and purpose, the aim is not to rid yourself of an aspect but create balance between the selves

  • The significance of moving positions is to ensure the previous voice is no longer speaking

  • When you are in a voice don’t overthink it

  • While in a voice refer to yourself in the 3rd person while the aspect will speak in 1st person

  • If you cannot find a voice Nina will help you through it

  • All information discussed during a Session is confidential