Akashic Meditation


Different from a regular guided meditation, an Akashic Meditation aims to heal. Nina will be channeling the wisdom from her Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs).  Similar to a Reading, the purpose of the meditation is to reconnect you with your soul purpose and intent.

Because the MTLOs will determine each meditation's theme, no session will be the same.  However, the general structure will remain consistent. Nina and her MTLOs will guide you into a state of calm, enabling you to identify what to release. Once released, you will be guided into a state of openness where you can allow unconditional love to fill you up.

How it goes:

In advance of the meditation Nina will open her records and connect with her Masters, Teachers and Loved One's (MTLOs) to determine the theme for the group.


Once you arrive you will be asked to find a comfortable position, props such as blankets or bolsters are welcome. The meditation will begin with deep breathing to calm the mind and body. Throughout the meditation Nina will channel messages, visualizations and questions from her MTLOs. Together, Nina and her MTLOs will take you on journey within yourself, ending in a state of peace and acceptance.

Once the meditation has completed, time will be left to journal and share if desired!